Strengthen Your Child’s Bones with the Right Nutrition

Can you stop your kids from jumping around the house? Or running with their friends in school. They have to even participate in sport and test their abilities. Without strong bones, there will always be the frequent incidence of broken bones and ill health. Healthy bones at childhood will go a long way to ensure your kids grow into healthy adults. Having kids with strong bones means they have to be fed foods with sufficient amount of calcium even from being a fetus. Your baby needs a minimum of 300mg of calcium daily, this is in addition to your own body needs as the mother.

After birth, at the age of six which is a sensitive period, you have to take crucial steps as a mother to ensure your kids are fed with the right amount of bone-building foods. Not only calcium is essential for building strong bones even though it is the most important. Having a good amount of foods rich in magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K prove to be essential. This coupled with regular exercise will result in healthy and strong bones for your kids. You can strengthen your kids’ bone health using non-dairy foods and it is always natural. Check out some vegetarian foods that can help in building healthy bones;

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1. Broccoli
One potent way of building your kids’ bone is adding enough of broccoli to their diet. You can get 85 milligrams of calcium from two cups of raw broccoli. Being a cruciferous vegetable, it is not only dripping with enough calcium but also blessed with vitamin K. Vitamin K is needed for the formation of osteocalcin which is a protein present in only bones. In essence, broccoli will help to reduce the bone fracture in your kids. Feed your kids with enough broccoli to combat bone loss and fracturing. The bonus is that this food will help to manage your weight due to the high content of fiber and lower calorie level.

2. Tofu
A very popular food among vegetarian as it provides enormous protein than even dairy foods. Some people call it bean curd. Being a soy product, it is made from the coagulation of soy milk, with the curd pressed into blocks. A calcium agent serves as the curdling agent making tofu a good food for building healthy bones for kids. Tofu is packed with all the bone-building nutrients known to nutritionists. Tofu has more calcium than broccoli, you can derive 435 milligrams from Tofu. When mixed with other non-dairy foods, tofu comes out with an amazing taste.

3. Collard Greens
With enough storage of calcium to carry you through the day. Approximately one-fourth of daily requirements. Collard greens provide 270 milligrams of calcium with every single cup cooked and consumed. The food serves other purposes other than building kids’ bones, it aids good eyesight due to the presence of Vitamin A. You can combine collard greens with bacon and butter, you are about to give your taste buds the best experience and build the strongest of bones.

4. Milk Alternatives
You can still enjoy good milk from non-dairy sources. The milk from your almond, rice, and soy are essential to your bone health. There’s this equation of strong bones with consumption of milk, then you should not be left out as a vegetarian. Milk alternatives such as soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk are fortified with the right amount of calcium and Vitamin D as you would get from regular cow milk. You can mix your milk alternatives with full grain cereals or take as a smoothie. You are killing many birds with a single stone, one of which is building disease resistant bones.

5. Edamame
Your kids need a protein boost for their bones and one of the few non-dairy sources is an edamame. Remember to feed your kids with edamame few times in a week. Edamame supplies your kids’ body with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, all of which are bone-building nutrients. Whether you prepare edamame for your kids as snacks or include in their salad, they will still benefit from the rich nutrient it supplies. You can get fresh edamame or frozen ones, they serve the same purpose.

6. White Bean
Just have it at the back of your mind that this food can help to prevent osteoporosis. This is the end result of the combination of calcium, folate, iron, soluble fiber, and potassium all present in the food. You can add white beans to a white range of foods for your kids. Aside all these elements, magnesium in white beans complements calcium and other bone health minerals in the food. By eating foods containing white beans, you will be preventing osteoporosis and treating the ailment. Whether its soup, salad or stew, white beans will still fit in perfectly.

7. Kale
A member of the cabbage family, fortified with a good amount of potassium, vitamin K,C,A and calcium. This helps to combat bone fracturing at a young age and help to reduce the speed of bone aging. One raw cup of kale will provide your kid with 100 milligrams of calcium with only 30 calories per servings, that’s not a bad quantity. Just see this as a superfood that will not only help your kids’ bone but benefit the entire family.

Your kids may be eating foods rich in calcium and other bone-building nutrients without retaining the nutrients. Limit the amount of salt you include in their foods. Exempt caffeine totally and reduce the number of soft drinks they consume weekly. Put them through a bit of exercise to strengthen their bones. Encourage walking, dancing and running with kids to help process the calcium into strong bones. Lastly, you can get your calcium from greens and plants just like cows get theirs, without consuming dairy products.


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