National Fitness Organization (NFO) is a nationally recognized network of fitness professionals providing quality education to the fitness industry. We challenge ourselves to increase your knowledge and understanding with teaching that is personal, practical, and most importantly applicable to your unique situation. Effective exercise programs are not possible without a solid Organization using sound scientific training techniques. Our goal is to break down the science in a way that enables you to use that knowledge in helping your own clients get the results they desire by designing safe and effective exercise programs.

We offer Certification Programs and continuing education for Aerobic/Group Fitness Instructors, Indoor Cycling Instructors, and Personal Trainers. We are committed to a high standard of education with all of our courses being presented by fitness professionals with degrees in health and fitness in addition to years of current practical experience, thereby producing more competent and confident fitness professionals. Simply put, we take pride in providing you the foundation of knowledge of not just the how, but the why, and in a way that you can understand and can apply towards your success as a fitness professional.